How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Wallet

Crypto owners must think of themselves as the custodians of their own funds. Just as a bank is responsible for safekeeping your cash, you're the tip of the spear in safeguarding your own crypto currencies. Our goal is to help you decide which Bitcoin wallet might be best for your personal security and privacy needs. 

There are two primary types of crypto wallets. The first is a hardware wallet (aka: hard, cold). Hardware wallets provide offline security with an extra layer of protection essential in the digital world. Removing cryptos from online exposure puts you in the driver’s seat and protects your funds against hacks. 

The second type of wallet is a software wallet. Software wallets are generally wallets that require an internet connection to access them.

While safer, not everyone will always need to use a hardware Bitcoin wallet. Sometimes currencies will be traded, spent, transferred, staked, held in smaller amounts or even used as collateral. Using a software wallet in instances like this may prove more practical. However, given the security threats involved with this approach, it's important to choose the best Bitcoin wallet possible.

The following articles will give general overviews for the most popular hardware and software wallets available today. In no way are these reviews meant to be an endorsement of these products. Remember, we encourage everyone to do their own research and arrive at their own conclusions.


Trezor Wallet

Blockchain Wallet


Ledger Nano - S Wallet

exodus wallet

Exodus Wallet


Jaxx Wallet


Mycelium Wallet


Keepkey Wallet


Xapo Wallet

my ether wallet logo

My Ether Wallet


BitGo Wallet



Electrum Wallet

copay wallet

Copay Wallet

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