Masternodes: The American Crypto Association refers to Masternodes as the Golden Goose of crypto currencies. Similar to Crypto Staking, their ability to generate lucrative returns makes them a type of next-gen smart mining, 2.0.

Before masternodes were on the scene, Bitcoin mining was an simple process that could be done on a laptop. Those who saw the coming trend were able to mine hundreds of Bitcoins per month at minimal cost.

Today, things have changed. Specialized mining rigs demand customized operations and require expensive electricity. As a result, it is somewhat prohibitive for individuals who want to mine cryptos to casually do so. Jumping into the mining space is not for the faint of heart because the learning curve is quite intimidating.

However, this is not the case with masternodes.  This growing trend has been steadily making its way throughout the inner circles of the crypto world. Not only do masternodes generate cryptos, but they require much less capital. Additionally, the labor can be outsourced and they produce amazing ROIs when set up properly.

If you are considering different masternodes, consult our chart below for details about different masternode coins.  For those with the desire to set up a masternode but don't have the time, we have provided a handful of operators who manage them for you. These operators specialize in setting up your node and managing it for a small fee.

Join A Masternode

We have assembled a list of approved node operators for those who are interested in setting up a masternode.

Masternode Basics

Click here to learn what a masternode is and how they work. 

Masternode Reference Statistics

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