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Under no circumstances should any material in this site be construed as an offering of securities or of investment advice of any kind. Content on this website should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a consultant or other professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs regarding the investments in securities referred to herein. Cryptocurrency and mining are subject to huge losses and/or gains.

The American Crypto Association newsletters are a US-based corporation with primary focus on financial education. Therefore, the content in this course is meant for educational purposes only and does not serve as a recommendation to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

It is our opinion that all companies involved with cryptocurrency should be evaluated as speculative investments. The companies on which we focus are typically involved in new technology and are oftentimes based outside the US. Such companies by nature carry a high level of risk. Failure by any of these companies to maintain positive cash flow will result in substantial and rapid price declines. Anyone who cannot accept this risk of total and sudden loss of their capital should not own such coins or securities. Speculators should also be aware that these coins/stocks are subject to large swings in price and liquidity that are not always related to the fundamentals of the underlying business.

It is the stance of American Crypto Association that cryptocurrencies, as many other investments, are purely speculative in nature. Much of the information written about involves investments or companies that are based internationally. These carry a high level of risk. Should these companies or cryptocurrencies fail to produce positive financial results, they are at risk of massive declines and/or 100% loss of capital. Only invest monies that can afford to be lost.

The American Crypto Association is not a registered investment dealer or advisor. No statement, (either written or verbal) or expression of opinion, or any other matter herein, directly or indirectly, is an offer to buy or sell the coins/securities mentioned, or the giving of investment advice.

Through providing research concerning coins and companies in the cryptocurrency space, American Crypto Association gives investors additional information with which they can make their own investment decisions. The purpose of American Crypto Association is not intended, designed or does it claim to accurately choose the high/low of any given stock, ICO or coin. As such, considerable risk is often associated with the ultimate investment outcome.

We give zero guarantee that any general information or recommendations offered on our site or in the newsletters will achieve your specific investment objectives with favorable results. Information provided herein has no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and personal needs of any specific subscriber, and investments discussed may not be suitable for all investors. Reference to past performance of investment strategies should not be taken as a reliable indicator of the future, but only as a possibility that future repetitions may somehow be supported.

Ownership Disclosures: Generally, the American Crypto Association will hold an investment in each company/coin/ICO reviewed which they consider worthy of investment. Readers can assume that the American Crypto Association does own shares/coins in any company mentioned in the article.

Any opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. Owners, employees and writers may hold positions in the securities that are discussed in our newsletters, reports or on our website.  Owners, employees and writers reserve the right to buy and sell securities mentioned on this website without providing notice of such purchases and sales. You should assume that if a company is discussed on this website, in a special report or in a newsletter or alert, that the principals of American Crypto Association have purchased coins or shares, or will make an investment in the future in said company.

American Crypto Association may express opinions about whether any particular company, coin or ICO represents good, fair or poor speculative value. Such observations, which are generally linked to uncertain future outcomes and involve American Crypto Association’s interpretation of their probabilities, are valid only at the time made. Subscribers are encouraged to use their own research to form their own assessments of speculative value.

Personal Trading

The core principle the American Crypto Association adheres to are no front-running of recommendations and no trading against one’s own recommendations.

By signing up you agree we can use your Personal Information (but never your credit card or password information) with our affiliates or with third parties. These companies may provide services to us and agree to keep your Personal Information confidential. Marketing methods may stem from affiliate, rental or purchase of personal information gathered from this and other sites owned by the American Crypto Association.

Once a company, coin or ICO has been reviewed, American Crypto Association may buy or sell in accordance with personal requirements such as the need to rebalance his portfolio, raise capital for alternative investments or uses, or address his own risk tolerances. American Crypto Association’s investment in each company will vary depending on a number of reasons, including his personal financial situation.

American Crypto Association’s opinions regarding the buying and selling of stock, and his reports of having purchased or sold securities, are intended only as a guide and not to be followed by anyone. The nature of speculative securities is such that circumstances affecting a company’s outlook change frequently and often rapidly; and the realizing of profits or losses from selling shares is solely at the risk and timing of each individual.

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