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Why you may lose money in Bitcoin regardless of price…

In the last few months we have seen huge volatility within the crypto currency markets.

Fortunes are being made and lost every day. The introduction of Bitcoin futures, along with the inevitable entry of a Bitcoin ETF is keeping crypto investors quite busy.


Because when banks and institutions get involved in an asset class, the generally don’t just sit back and watch it move. Instead, they are oftentimes the very reason it moves.

Their inside knowledge and ability to swing the financial markets has been discussed for decades.

Hence, while many experts are promoting a massive bull run of cryptos straight to the moon it is important, even critical, that investors prepare for an emotional roller coaster like they have never experienced before.

The purpose of the American Crypto Association (ACA) Bitcoin and blockchain newsletter is to help you navigate those rough waters. If knowledge is power, then the ACA empowers you to make informed, sensible decisions as opportunities present.

You’ll receive 1-2 weekly emails explaining the overall state of the crypto market, relevant alerts, trading tips, airdrop opportunities, masternode updates, crypto staking pointers and ICO notifications.

Real time information is critical to building wealth and the American Crypto Association's exclusive newsletter provides it when you need it most.

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