Bittrex Exchange Review

For years, Biittrex was one the most coveted US exchanges ICOs and crypto projects wanted their Alt coins to be listed on. However, given the recent successes of Binance, Kucoin and Einstein, Bittrex has found itself struggling to keep up with the higher trading volumes. 

It appeared Bittrex might have been relying on their past successes in order to remain relevant. Recently though, in an effort to improve their exchange ranking, they have implemented a number of interesting upgrades. They underwent an interface overhaul, joined forces with an org to service EU customers and are now reissuing the golden goose: Fiat bank wire and direct deposit. Time will tell if they are able to regain their lost mantle.

The Bittrex interface is very simple to navigate and familiarize oneself with. Somewhat stereotypical of the other exchanges, buying, selling and trading coins is a straightforward process. Market orders, limit orders, and max orders are all offered as standard features. A wide assortment of alt coins are presently offered to buy sell or trade. Users should make sure their coin of choice is available before jumping through their KYC/AML hoops.

That said, implementing the fiat bank wire protocols will likely see Bittrex rise significantly in trading volume. Should that occur, it is likely crypto companies would again put Bittrex on their radar as an exchange to list their coins with and subsequently offer greater crypto options to its users.


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