Round One:

US $0

Social Remit

Social Remit is airdropping a total of 900 CSR tokens in 3 rounds to their followers. For the first round they are dropping 220. Total value for all 3 rounds is $450. Complete the following steps to receive your tokens.

Visit the Social Remit Site and select "Sign In" to register.

Register and verify your mail.

The instructions in their interface will guide you through the following actions:

Join their Telegram group. (+ 10 CSR)
Follow them on Twitter (+ 10 CSR) and like and retweet their Tweet. ( + 40 CSR)
Subscribe to their Reddit account. ( + 10 CSR)
Comment and upvote their Reddit post. (+ 40 CSR)
Follow them on Linkedin. (+ 10 CSR)
Comment in their Bitcointalk thread. (+ 5 CSR)
Follow them on Medium. (+ 10 CSR)

Submit and save all your social media links to your profile. Also you can write articles about them and earn 10 CSR tokens. Earn 20 CSR tokens for each referral.

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