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Rally is airdropping 1200 tokens to each airdrop participant. Complete the following steps to receive your tokens.

  1. 1. Go to the Rally Airdrop page and download the Rally App. 

    2. Create an account and verify your email & phone number. (+500 RALLY)

    3. If you want more Rally tokens, sync your social accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and earn 100 RALLY each (Optional).

    4. Follow Rally's social channels: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and the Rally app and earn 50 RALLY each (Optional).

    5. Share your referral link to earn additional 300 RALLY tokens for every referral who completes the registration process and a percentage of the reward for anyone your friend refers. Several influencers have earned 500,000+ RALLY (Optional). 

    6. Click on ''Contests'' and take part in many Rally contests to earn RALLY tokens (Optional).

    7. If you have questions, ask an Admin on Rally's Telegram channel.


    More info about Rally, in this Rally review article.

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