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The KRATOS Airdrop is worth 1000 TOS tokens (~$ 118) for every referral to physical commodities businesses.

  1. Register your physical commodity business for the KRATOS Airdrop, by creating an account.
  2. Verify your email & Log in.
  3. Complete the KYC/AML.
  4. Visit the KRATOS referral page & enter your email to receive your unique referral link.
  5. Sign up to Exchange in order to receive your tokens at the end of the campaign period. Use the same email provided previously.
    Share your referral link to your network of friends to sign up to the KRATOS™ platform.
  6. For every successful sign up from your referral link, you will earn 1,000 TOS tokens (1,000 TOS = 1 ETH).
  7. Each referred must successfully clear KYC/AML checks by the KRATOS™ team in order to qualify for the referral reward of 1,000 TOS tokens.
  8. TOS tokens will be airdropped two weeks after the end of the referral program period.
  9. More info about the Airdrop in the KRATOS Medium Blog.
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