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Griffex is airdropping up to 9400 to each airdrop participant. Complete the following steps to receive your tokens.

  1. Visit the Griffex website.
  2. Sign up and verify your email address.
  3. Join their Telegram group. (+500 GFX)
  4. Join their Discord channel. (+500 GFX)
  5. Follow them on Twitter. (+150 GFX)
  6. Follow them on Facebook. (+100 GFX)
  7. Follow them on Linkedin. (+100 GFX)
  8. Follow them on Instagram. (+100 GFX)
  9. Subscribe to their Reddit page. (+100 GFX)
  10. Complete other easy tasks from their airdrop page.
  11. Click on “Submit Task” and submit your details.
  12. You will receive up to 9400 GFX tokens for completing all the tasks.
  13. Also, earn 1000 GFX tokens for each referral.
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