Gemini Exchange Review

The Gemini exchange is considered one of the savvier crypto exchanges on the market. The reason for this is because of the way it was structured by its owners, the Winklevoss twins. Their regulatory compliant formation has provided them access to institutional investors and individuals alike.

While Gemini only offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash to its clients, they do accept fiat bank wires. Like Einstein, this makes them a great entry point for those looking to get into other exchanges such as Binance. Gemini's liquidity flows and trade volumes are generally high which help to provide better price metrics. 

If you are new to the space, you will find their interface easy to use and intuitive. Customer service is nominal, but users have much fewer complaints than they do about its rival, Coinbase. That said, a growing cloud of dissatisfaction has been steadily descending on the crypto community. Customers are rightly beginning to demand better solutions and the jury is out how Gemini will respond. 

Users have reported difficulties withdrawing funds in fiat. Others complain about difficult protocols and state customers need to be prepared to wait up to one month for KYC/AML approvals.

Disturbingly, some reports claim the reason for these needless delays is because Gemini is trying to set itself up as the national crypto gatekeeper with the government’s blessing.

Whether this is the case or not, it’s generally considered one the most legitimate trading platforms in the world. 


gemini exchange

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