UPDATE: In Q2, 2019 NOVACHAIN released and demonstrated the first of its kind crypto to crypto trading bot. Users enter their crypto into a pool, and receive payouts on a daily basis. Contracts are between 10-30 days. ROI ranges from 1-3% per day. This is a real, verifiable bot, not a Ponzi! You can access the pool information after signing up here. 

Novachain specializes in utilizing bots to take advantage of crypto arbitrage opportunities. Currently their ROI averages +/- .6% per day. Compounded over time this is quite impressive. Now let's look at some of the specifics.

The NOVACHAIN team has a 6-year history of FOREX trading with the REX bot. After some tweaking, they adjusted the trading parameters to adapt to the crypto markets. The bot is designed to locate trading opportunities on different exchanges and execute them with a profit. Profits are divided among all token holders daily.

In order to become a token holder, one needs to first sign up with their email address and create a password. Once the email is confirmed, users will need to transfer Ethereum into NOVACHAIN from an ERC-20 wallet. MyEtherWallet (MEW) or Metamask are recommended. You can learn how to set up a MEW here.

NOVA has an internal exchange where buy and sell orders can be placed. In order to send your Ethereum and make a purchase, you must first navigate to the WALLET tab and generate your specific Ethereum address. To do this, locate your NOVA wallet above it and select the GENERATE ADDRESS button. This will allow you to then select DEPOSIT on your Ethereum wallet which will provide your ETH deposit address.

When the ETH is deposited, you can place an order (deposits into the exchange are fairly quick. Withdrawals to your Ethereum wallet have a 24 hour time frame due to security procedures). Now, navigate to the EXCHANGE and select the number of tokens you want to buy. Users can buy at market prices or place lower/higher limit orders.

One thing to note: You are essentially selling your tokens to the bot when you place them into REX and will have a pure dollar value at that point. When funds are withdrawn from your profits, it will also be done via the NOVA token. The dollar amount you withdraw will be valued in the current market value of NOVA, which will determine the number of NOVA you receive.

NOVA has developed a smart-system to encourage people to stay in REX and not bounce in and out with the market fluctuations. Once a user exits REX, there is a 20-day suspension until the user can enter again. This prevents people from treating the platform as an exchange where they're constantly flipping NOVA tokens. It provides more stability for the NOVA community, helps prevent price spikes/drops and establishes REX as an investment tool.

Returns can be seen daily via a personal portal which allows the user to withdrawal or auto reinvest the profits indefinitely.


pros and cons

NOVA also offers a unique feature on their platform. Once a user has 15k NOVA, they automatically receive a masternode (25k for a Bitcoin masternode). Additional profits are generated daily by these vehicles.


  • On the surface the team appears to be competent and know what they are doing. The interface has undergone 3 upgrades since launch, so their emphasis is to improve the user experience.
  • The REX bot has a steady track record of +/- .6% per day. These are solid results even when compared to the other arbitrage bot companies.
  • We have spoken at length with one of their advisers. He has shown himself to be knowledgeable, competent and quite focused on making the project a success.
  • When entering the REX bot, users become somewhat immune to the effects of the NOVA price fluctuations because they have a pure USD position.
  • NOVA tokens are listed on an external exchange, which gives the user more options when buying/selling tokens.


  • Overall trading volume is low.
  • No OTC options are available. The implications of this are if an investor brings small sums of money, it’s not a problem. However, with larger amounts of say, 15k+, the increased volume can create artificial spikes with certain and eventual exit drops that investors generally do not want to be a part of – so proceed with caution here if you choose to hold the token.
  • Current sell restrictions are 400 NOVA/day for Premium members. It is unknown if a mass exodus with subsequent NOVA price drop would occur when this restriction is lifted.
  • For obvious reasons, many have expressed concern over the anonymity of the founders as the team has yet to reveal their faces and true identities.

More details and information are provided upon sign up.

Novachain's official site and sign up page can be found here.

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