A white Xbox Series X has been spotted in a Logitech ad

A white Xbox Series X alongside a PS5 and other accessories

A white Xbox Series S has been spotted in an Astro Gaming ad.
Image: Astro Gaming (YouTube)

A white Xbox Series X has appeared in Logitech’s latest Astro Gaming commercial. The white model appears in a new ad for the Logitech-owned Astro Gaming headphone line, featuring the new A30 wireless headphones that are compatible with Xbox Series X, PS5, and more. The commercial shows a white Xbox Series X alongside a regular PS5 and the white and pink Blue Yeti microphones that were part of a collaboration between Logitech and Blue.

Logitech-owned Astro Gaming might have chosen to use a custom white wrap on the Xbox Series X, but the company hasn’t customized any other products shown in the ad so it would be an odd choice to single out Microsoft’s console. VGC spotted the white Xbox Series X earlier today.

Microsoft currently only ships the Xbox Series X in black, and it uses white for its more affordable Xbox Series S console. The Xbox Series S also ships with a white controller, which is also visible in the ad.

The white Xbox Series X comes just days after Logitech announced its G Cloud Gaming Handheld in a close partnership with Microsoft and Nvidia. Logitech has worked with Microsoft on the handheld to bundle Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Microsoft has even helped promote the device on its Xbox marketing channels.

This wouldn’t be the first time a white version of Xbox hardware has leaked. In fact, it has happened several times. A white version of the Xbox Series X controller leaked ahead of Microsoft officially announcing the Xbox Series S, and then the white Series S was also leaked before it was announced.

A smaller, slimmer version of the Xbox One — the Xbox One S in white — also leaked just hours before Microsoft officially announced it. Microsoft also created a white version of its original Xbox One for employees, before officially releasing it alongside Sunset Overdrive a year later.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on why Logitech-owned Astro Gaming has a white Xbox Series X model, and whether Microsoft is planning to release this to the public. We’ll update you when we hear back.

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