One often-heard  question is “what can I do with these NFTs after buying them?” It is a very simple question that should have an equally simple answer, but that isn’t always the case. New BBT-themed rooms by Snook may help provide an answer to that question for partner projects.

Utility Equals Community Engagement

Despite the growing popularity of NFT and the GameFi industry vertical, there are still many pressing problems. One such matter is finding a way for community members to hang out and feel as if they are part of something bigger. Holding an NFT becomes a stale endeavor very quickly, and most GameFi projects have nothing to show to investors and supporters during the first few months.

Snook presents a solution that helps strengthen the brand and gives community members something to do. Its BBT-themed rooms are dedicated branded and token-gated experiences where the community can come together and hang out to engage in [competitive] gameplay. In addition, every user can organize a tournament or game night, creating a broader sense of community appeal.

Most people are part of multiple NFT and GameFi communities today. They will dedicate time to projects that attract their attention and neglect the rest. With BBT-themed rooms, any project can avoid being neglected and even explore new opportunities for web3 collaboration. It is an essential building block that creates utility and entertainment, something every project can benefit from. 

These BBT-themed rooms introduce a gateway to designing in-game assets with partner branding. Additionally, Rooms can be gated based on token criteria, with a prompt to purchase tokens to gain entry. The addition of letting users create and play events in the BBT-themed room – including adding prize pools – makes for a very compelling package.

Unstoppable Domains and LobsterDAO

The initial partners for Snook are big fish in the pond. Unstoppable Domains is the largest blockchain community in the world today. Snook users can use their Unstoppable Domain to enter the room and play against other UD holders. The exclusive room is home to specially-designed Snooks tailored to the partner brand. These rooms leverage Snook’s Snake-like gameplay. 

The second partner is LobsterDAO, another established entity in the blockchain world. The LobsterDAO BBT-themed rooms will be used to host an exclusive game night in the coming weeks. All LobsterDAO NFT holders have access to the rooms, and community members were able to weigh in on what this night should be all about. 

With solutions like BBT-themed rooms, the industry can evolve into a more community-minded creature. Snook’s technology presents opportunities for NFT creators and projects, multichain developers, and gaming enthusiasts alike. With the support from Unstoppable Domains and LobsterDAO in the pocket, the project is off to a promising start. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice

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