This week, Apple began rolling out a new update to its Quick Look augmented reality tool, letting iPhone and iPad users check out products in AR and then buy them directly.

Quick Look already let retailers offer an AR preview of their products by uploading a flat sticker or 3D product model so shoppers could see how a product might look in a real-world space. Now, TechCrunch says that retailers can add a new button into that AR preview, which could let a customer immediately buy that product using Apple Pay, for example.

Home Depot, Wayfair, and 1-800-Flowers already support Quick Look, according to TechCrunch. So if you are looking to buy flowers, you can see how the vase and bouquet might look on a table or you can see how that new couch from Wayfair could look in your living room.

Apple debuted Quick Look in 2018 with the release of ARKit 2, but you could only browse AR models. If you wanted to do further research or buy the item, you’d have to close Quick Look and go to the product’s website or app yourself — but one of these new buttons, in theory, could take you directly to the buy page.

Apple also started quietly rolling out spatial audio support to Quick Look’s iOS and iPad OS developer builds. This upgrade adds appropriate sounds to the 3D models, such as a speaker blasting music.

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