Iranians have risen in almost every city. There are suggestions 27 people have been shot dead. Cars are being abandoned to close roads. The internet has been shut down. A bank has been burned (pictured above).

Some suggest this is a branch of the Iranian Central Bank in Behbahan, a costal city in western Iran of 120,000 people.

Yet this appears to be Bank Melli Iran, a national and retail bank in Iran which is the biggest in the islamic world and in the Middle East.

Only Bank and Iran can be discerned in English in the above image, with Melli presumably in the middle as the emblem clearly appears to be theirs, rather than the central banks’ which is different.

This outpouring of revolt follows a sudden announcement that fuel prices were to be increased by 50%, cutting fuel subsidies ostensibly to provide more for the poor.

It appears almost instantly they took to the streets, with the protests generally peaceful, but also sometimes deadly as live ammunition has been fired.

The Wave of Revolution

The French uprising has seemingly reached Iran, with the cause here too seemingly the same, a hike in fuel prices, and with banks here too a target.

It follows a wave of uprisings, first in much of Europe where largely they were peaceful, then across continents.

In Lebanon they shout Albani, a great reformer of Islam and a scourge of the current Islamic theocracy.

Whether liberalization is to be expected is not clear, but the shouts in Hong Kong of revolution of our times are clearly echoing everywhere.

In the halls of power they are probably shivering, for once in a long time. The towers are being shaken. As a warning maybe, or maybe they will fall, at least in Hong Kong.

The people globally have realized they are all the same, and have been played by the same forces. Thus they seem to be rising everywhere.

At the root of it is of course the economy, political economy. For two decades it has seen only one direction: greater and greater unaccountable concentration of wealth and power to the point even in America the public servants say they won’t innovate for “us.”

A system of access control has been setup to lead to a stage where wealth extraction is arguably hurting a bit too much.

That’s in comfortable west. Discomfort here means life support elsewhere. So they’re rising everywhere.

They aim for revolution, a real one, though not necessarily a disorderly one. At its foundation is what the French proposed. A citizens’ assembly.

To defuse their anger Macron held a national debate, but nothing came out of it except the new president of Europe, Ursula von der Leyen, has promised to call such citizens’ assembly at a continent wide level.

That presumably is keeping the young off the streets in Europe, but elsewhere there has been no such promise, and since they’re looking at within-grasp extension of freedom in Europe, presumably they want to extend theirs too so as to keep up.

And thus they rising. And so perhaps we stand at the edge of global revolution. May it be peaceful, and may diplomatic wise heads prevail both above and below.


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