A new survey shows that 8% of Chinese college students own some form of cryptocurrency and more than a quarter would prefer to work in the industry of blockchain after graduation. 

According to the survey conducted by local news outlet PANews, a significant number of Chinese college students have invested in cryptoassets.

 While 23.4% of college students indicated they did not know anything about blockchain, 8% said they were holding cryptoassets. An additional 9% of respondents said that while they had previously invested in the cryptocurrency space, they were no longer doing so, presumably out of market volatility. 

Two-thirds of respondents said that they were familiar with bitcoin, with 31.6% reporting that they were aware of Ethereum. Only 4.2% of those polled indicated that they knew crypto “very well.” College students appeared to be unfazed by media reports on crypto and blockchain, with 40% of those polled saying media reports on the industry were “influential, but have little impact.”

Blockchain education also made a strong appearance in the survey. While colleges and universities across the globe are working to establish nascient blockchain programs, 26.7% of respondents said they would choose to work in the industry following graduation. Students majoring in economics, management and engineering were overall more familiar with crypto-assets and indicated a higher interest in blockchain.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com

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