IOTA Foundation, in collaboration with world-leading innovators, introduces a trusted, scalable, secure and vendor-neutral platform for Industry 4.0. Learn how the new Industry Marketplace works in this video.

The Industry Marketplace enables the autonomous trading of products and services for humans and machines to advance digital transformation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – or simply called Industry 4.0.

The Industry Marketplace will serve as a vendor- and industry-neutral platform, automating the trading of physical and digital goods and services. Building on specifications developed by the Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Germany’s central network for the advancement of digital transformation in manufacturing), the Industry Marketplace combines distributed ledger technology, immutable audit logs, and through eCl@ss standardized, machine-readable contracts with an integrated decentralized identity system, to ensure the authenticity of all participants and enable secure communication and payments across the industry landscape.

The Industry Marketplace has been developed as an open-source initiative and is free to join. Open innovation with other industry partners to explore new business models and the many possibilities of industrial automation are encouraged.

The marketplace can be applied to a wide number of industries and scenarios, for example purchasing material and parts or services.

The creation of the Industry Marketplace would not have been possible without the following collaborators, their intrinsic motivation to change the status quo for the better and their desire to enable the economy of things through the IOTA open source technology: eCl@ss, OvGU, HSU, Neoception, WeWash.

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