Bitcoin Cash is living up to the statement “imitation is the best form of flattery,” after the recent revamp of the website. Its long been known that BCH and its proponents often lambast Bitcoin as deviating from the original message of Satoshi Nakamoto. Hence, the title of the one true “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” should be given to Bitcoin Cash, and not Bitcoin, they have claimed.

From Roger Ver to the twitter handle @bitcoin to the reportage of, the tactics have always been to underplay Bitcoin, while maintaining an obvious pro-BCH narrative. The same was pointed out by many in the cryptocurrency community, with some accusing the CEO of, Roger Ver, of intentionally misleading newbies into purchasing Bitcoin Cash, thinking it’s Bitcoin.

This purported claim of “Bitcoin Cash, not Bitcoin Core,” is in full display in the revamped version of the website. Peter McCormack, host of the WhatBitcoinDid podcast and ardent BTC proponent, detailed the narrative of He pointed out the biased nature of the website while referring to BTC as,

“Bitcoin Core (BTC) no longer reflects the original vision of Bitcoin. Blocks remain small and full, making transaction expensive and slow. The lightning network scaling solution is still in development.”

Further, the website also explicitly stated that Bitcoin, which has amassed over $160 billion in market capitalization, is “now commonly called Bitcoin Core (BTC).” The only website apart from that refers to BTC as “Bitcoin Core,” is Coingeek, the Calvin Ayre-owned crypto news media outlet that tables an extremely pro-Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision [BSV] narrative.

McCormack, citing the above data, suggested that Roger Ver’s website is ‘clearly trying to marginalize BTC.’

Upon further digging, it was revealed that this ‘marginalization’ was not just related to obvious misleading semantics, but mis-characterization of actual data as well. was presenting the price of Bitcoin as the price of Bitcoin Cash before the August 2017 hardfork, which gave birth to BCH.

As pointed out by 6102 [Bitcoin-Only], the “pre-fork” price of Bitcoin Cash, which only came into existence in August 2017 and thereby didn’t have a price before the same, was presented as the price of the king coin in order to misrepresent the longer existence of Bitcoin Cash, rather than a 20 month lifetime.

The tweet read,

Source: Twitter

Marketing aside, this stunt by Bitcoin Cash is the latest in its long line of attempts at riding the coattails of Bitcoin and trying to mislead gullible investors to put their funds into BCH, thinking it’s Bitcoin. A large part of this confusion campaign is down to the antics of

John Carvalho, CCO at Bitrefill, who previously enraged Roger Ver by referring to Bitcoin Cash as “BCash,” responded to the above misappropriation attempt by stating,