TokenCard, the provider of a secure, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with a spendable Visa card, announced today that it is granting, for the first time, access to the TokenCard Alpha to its community, starting with crowdsale participants.

The first wave of invites is reserved for those who contributed to the TokenCard crowdsale back in 2017, and currently, reside in the UK and EEA.

Signing Up

In order to verify users have ownership of a wallet that was used to contribute to the TokenCard crowdsale in 2017, users are asked to send a specific amount of ETH (less than $0.02) to one of TokenCard’s addresses.

Once confirmed that the send-from wallet address matches the participant’s crowdsale address, TokenCard will send a link to download the TokenCard app from TestFlight. All ETH sent will be refunded in full.

Once downloaded and deployed, TokenCard will enable access to sign up, complete KYC, and apply for the TokenCard. In the final step, TokenCard will then inform on when the card is in the post for delivery.

TokenCard will start sending out TestFlight invites for those who were not involved in the crowdsale a couple of weeks from now – all they need to get started is an iPhone and to be a resident of the UK or EEA.

To get an invite first once it’s available, go to and sign up with an Apple ID email address.

“First things first, this is a closed alpha. Even though we’d really like to invite all of you today, we need to prioritize managing and stress-testing our services during the alpha. Because of this, we’ll be onboarding alpha testers in batches. We have one task throughout the alpha: test, test, test. We want to use the card, break the app, and tell us about anything you love or hate about the product.”

The TokenCard Team

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