Every year, Las Vegas plays host to the Consumer Technology Association’s CES event, which is the biggest tech-trade show around the globe. There is almost 3 million net square feet of exhibit floor space to utilise for more than 180,000 tech industry professionals to learn about all the latest trends in the consumer technology space.

Here are just a few things we can expect to see from this years CES event in Las Vegas, relating specifically to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Crypto curiosity

One of the biggest pushback against the acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment is the volatile pricing. Nevertheless, they aren’t necessarily against blockchain technology. This year’s CES event has had a range of informative sessions throughout the week to puncture crypto for merchants. During “The Great Crypto Debate” President of MakerDAO Steven Becker and Bitcoin Foundation’s Brock Pierce joined in with a roundtable discussion about the viability of digital currency as both technology and money.  

As stated by Crypto Briefing, “Pundi X(NPXS) hit CES in a big way, showing off its new blockchain-based phone at CES Unveiled. Called “Function X, ” the phone runs on Android 7.0 and the company plans to released 5000 phones to proof the concept before licensing their tech to other manufacturers.”

Hardware wallets

Throughout CES, emerging technologies have been highlighted including Trezor and Ledger both showing off their offerings with them both being available at big retailers which is a big reason for their operations expanded into 2019 market.

With the introduction of Nano X by Ledger being a huge step up from the Nano S (selling over 1.5 million units by the end of 2018). The Nano X is able to hold up to 100 crypto assets which is six times more than the previous version.

Mobile takeover

The complicated yet powerful technology that is blockchain is the future of the IoT space which CES has made very clear. With Jason Kelley from IBM and Louise Keely from EY being just two participants to speak with Teena Maddox (CBS) in regards to countries across the globe, slowly but surely getting involved with blockchain, things seem to be on the up for this tech.

“From smart cities to supply chain and operations, blockchain technology is working with IoT to create a mobile-first world. Autonomous cars, flying drones, home entertainment, robot and voice-activated assistants, smart homes, and so much more technology was on display. It’s more clear than ever that we’ll be connected to technology wherever we go.”

What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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